Influence of distance from the Sea on Air Temperature - Physical Geography
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Influence distance Sea Air Temperature

Influence of Distance from the Sea on Air Temperature

Distance from the sea is a determining factor in the overall climate due to the temperature of the ocean currents, caused by the winds that blow over the surface of the ocean. The moving ocean currents take warm water and rain from the equator to the poles and cold water from the poles toward the equator. It is therefore, obvious that, without these currents, it would be much hotter at the equator, much colder at the poles and our planet’s land would be much less livable

Places far away from the sea have a large range of temperatures. But, the sea modifies the influence of latitude and has a moderating influence on the climate of the coastal areas. As water has a higher specific heat than air, it heats and cools more slowly than land and has the ability to absorb heat on warm days and release heat on hot days, and thus helping to regulate the temperature of the air.

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Therefore, in the summer, the coastal regions tend to be cooler and warmer in winter, unlike places inland at the same latitude and altitude. Moreover, clouds form when warm air from inland areas meets cool air from the sea and thus making the coastal areas cooler and wetter than the inland area.

influence of distance from the sea on air temperature
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