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Printer and types of printer - Computer Fundamentals
4522    Arnab De    09/11/2019

What is printer? How many types of printer are possible?

A printer is an output device. It prints characters, symbols, and perhaps graphics on media, generally on paper, plastic, cloths etc. The printed output media is generally referred to as hard copy because it is in a relatively permanent form.


All the printers are categorized as

  • Impact printers: An impact printer has upgrading version of typewriter. It prints characters or images by hitting a hammer against an inked ribbon, leaving an image on paper or any media. These types of printers generally create some noise due to contact between printer hammer and media. Example - Dot-Matrix Printers, Daisy-Wheel Printer, Drum Printer, Chain Printer, Line Printer.
  • Impact printers
    Impact printers
  • Non-impact printers: A Nonimpact printers are faster and soundless in compare to impact printers because it directly interacts to the media. Nonimpact printers form characters and images without direct physical contact between the printer and the media. Example – Laser Printer, Inkjet Printer, plotter.
  • Non-impact printers
    Non-impact printers
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