HTML 5 - Elements: Text Formatting
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HTML Text Formatting


To formatting the text on web page HTML use the following tag.

  • <b> : Bold Text
  • <em> : Emphasized Text
  • <strong> : Strong Text
  • <i> : Italic Text
  • <sup> : super-scripted Text
  • <sub> : sub scripted Text
  • <del> : struck-through Text
  • <code> : Computer Code Text
  • <pre> : predefine text

Now, we write a simple code and show the output.

<p>It is an example of <b>Bold Text</b></p>
<p>It is an example of <em>Emphasized Text</em></p>
<p>It is an example of <strong>Strong Text</strong></p>
<p>It is an example of <i>Italic Text</i></p>
<p>It is an example of <sup>super-scripted Text</sup></p>
<p>It is an example of <sub>sub scripted Text</sub></p>
<p>It is an example of <del>struck-through Text</del></p>
<p>It is an example of <code>Computer Code Text</code></p>

HTML Text Format
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H2O  :  H<sub>2</sub>O

A2  :  A<sup>2</sup>

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