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Introduction - HTML 5
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Now we are start our journey with the base language of the web site, known as HTML (Hypertext Markup Language). Now-a-days various HTML IDE or Integrated Development Environment available in market. Most of them are free to use. But we must know the language very sharply for customize the generated codes as required.If we don’t use any IDE then we need only a text editor (notepad or notepad++ or Atom) and any web browser (Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc.).

Words to Remember

  • Tag : The html language is basically designed by the combination of different tags. We cannot create or alter any tag in html. Numbers of tag are ready for use and we use the predefine tags. Tags are write with in an angle brackets and like this: <tag-name>
    • Paired :: Each tag have an end tag. That is if tag name is <x> then it should end with </x>
    • Unpaired:: These tags have no end tag.
  • Attribute : Each HTML tags may or may not have multiple attribute. The values of the Attributes determine that how it represent in the web browser.

Some Fact about HTML

  • New or custom tags are not possible in HTML. All tags are predefined.
  • No logical operation permed in HTML.
  • Extension of a HTML is either .html or .htm
  • Any tag must end in proper order. That is,

<p><b>This is a demo text</p></b> this is not a right HTML code.

<p><b>This is a demo text</b></p> this is right HTML code.

  • No error will display for wrong HTML code. We have to feel and understand the error by its wrong output.
  • HTML tags are not case sensitive. That is <B> and <b> will generate the same output but according to W3C or World Wide Web Consortium standards we have to write all the tag in lowercase.


The standard version of the HTML is 4.0. But Latest version of the HTML is 5.0. In this new version introduce several of new tags which make web designing much more easier to us. In earlier days, developer use java script or others language to make a page more interactive but now no need any JavaScript for some portion of the page. Example we can easily play any mp3 song or mp4 video by using <audio> or <video> only.

Elements: html head title body
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