Quadrilateral - Geometry
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Quadrilateral Geometry

Types of Quadrilaterals

We can draw any geometric shape with four sides or edges and four corners or vertices are known as quadrilaterals.

Quadrilateral Properties

Every quadrilateral has some important properties:

  • Every quadrilateral has 4 sides, 4 angles and 4 vertices.
  • The sum of its interior angles are 360°.
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Types of quadrilateral

  1. Rectangle: A quadrilateral with equal interior angles i.e. 90° each and opposite sides are equals.
  2. Squares: A quadrilateral with equal interior angles i.e. 90° each and sides are equals.
  3. Trapezium: A quadrilateral with one opposite side is parallel and other opposite sides are non-parallel. But sides are not equals.
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  5. Parallelogram: A quadrilateral with equal and parallel opposite sides. But interior angles are not equal.
  6. Rhombus: It is the same as a parallelogram with four sides are equals.
  7. Kite: If two pair of adjacent sides is equal in a quadrilateral then it is known as Kite.
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