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Circle - Geometry
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A circle is a set of point in a plane; those are a given equal distance from a given fixed point in a plane. That fixed point is called the center of the circle which is represented by “c”. The distance between any point on the circle and the center is equal. This distance is known as radius which is represented by “r”. All the radii in a given circle are congruent.



The distance around the circle is called Circumference. If we start from point A towards the arrow and stop at the point A. then the total distance is known as Circumference.


Chord & Diameter

At first, we plot two points on the outer edge of a circle A and B. Then join the point by a line segment AB. This line segment is known as the chord of that circle. i.e. any line segment connects two-point on the outer edge of the circle is called a chord.


If a chord passes through the center of the circle i.e. if the given point A, B and C are collinear then that chord known as diameter of the circle. Diameter is represented by d. Diameter is the longest chord in a circle. In a circle infinite number of diameter is possible. In diagram P and Q are two points on the outer edges of the circle and C is the center of the circle and P, Q and C are collinear. That is PQ is a diameter of the circle.

Note: Every diameter is a chord but every chord is not a diameter.




If we draw a chord in a circle, it clearly divided a circle into two-part each part is known as a segment. i.e. the area enclosed within an arc and a chord of a circle is called a segment. If the area of the segments is equals then these are known as equi-segment. But those segments are not equal then the smallest segment is known as the minor segment and the largest segment is known as the major segment.



The carved part or the part of the circle between two points is known as an arc. Between two points on the circle, we can get two arcs. The smaller arc is known as a minor arc and the bigger one is known as a major arc.



A sector is the area enclose between two radii and an arc. It is a part of a circle. If we separate a sector from a circle the rest of the part of the circle also creates a sector. Between these two sectors, the smaller one is known as the minor sector and another one is known as the major sector.

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