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Leshan Giant Buddha, Sichuan, China - Haunting Heritage

30-12-2020    101 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   101 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Located to the east of Leshan in China, the 233 feet (71 m) tall statue of Maitreya Buddha is regarded as the largest and talle ...

December, 2020

Periodic Winds - Sea and Land Winds - Physical Geography

29-12-2020    95 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   95 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Secondary Winds, also called Periodic Winds, change their direction periodically, with the change in season, and blow at certai ...

December, 2020

Hawa Mahal, Jaipur, India - Leading Landmarks

28-12-2020    130 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   130 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Located at the centre of Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan in India, the Hawa Mahal or the Palace of Winds was constructed ...

December, 2020

Umayyad Mosque, Damascus, Syria - Famous Mosques

27-12-2020    113 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   113 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Located in the old city of Damascus and built between 705 and 715 AD by the Umayyad Caliph al-Walid I, Umayyad Mosque, also kno ...

December, 2020

Emperor Tamarin - Strange Animals

26-12-2020    109 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   109 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Easily recognizable for their distinctive long and drooping white mustache that sweep back from the muzzle on both sides, the E ...

December, 2020

Azadi Tower, Tehran, Iran - Famous Gates

25-12-2020    100 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   100 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Although named as a tower, the Azadi Tower or Freedom Tower is the western gateway of Tehran, built in an architectural style t ...

December, 2020

Vijay Stambha, Chittorgarh, India - Famous Columns and Towers

24-12-2020    117 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   117 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Located within the complex of Chittor Fort in Rajasthan, India, the imposing Vijay Stambha or Tower of Victory was constructed ...

December, 2020

Mami Wata of Africa - Strange Deities

23-12-2020    102 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   102 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Resembling many other old mermaid deities, the half-fish half-human female Mami Wata, the water spirit, capable of transferring ...

December, 2020
Private Teacher

Apostolic Palace, Vatican, Italy - Priceless Palaces

22-12-2020    91 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   91 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Located in Vatican City the Apostolic Palace is the official residence of the pope, the head of the Catholic Church. Also known ...

December, 2020

Berlin Cathedral, Germany - Famous Churches

21-12-2020    83 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   83 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

The history of the Berlin Cathedral dates back to 1451 when it started as a Catholic Chapel and was a part of the newly erected ...

December, 2020

The Kiss - Passionate Paintings

20-12-2020    78 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   78 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Painted at some point in 1907 and 1908, during the height of his Golden Period, The Kiss, a shimmering and clourful oil-on-canv ...

December, 2020

Taraka - Mythical Monsters

19-12-2020    94 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   94 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

In the Sanskrit epic Ramayana, Taraka or Tadaka was a beautiful yaksha princess, the daughter, and the only child of the yaksha ...

December, 2020
Tutorial at home
Tutorial at home

Maha Bodhi Society Buddhist Temple - Shrines of Calcutta

18-12-2020    80 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   80 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Located at 4A, Bankim Chatterjee Street, on the eastern side of College Square, the headquarters building of the Maha Bodhi Soc ...

December, 2020

Use of capitalize() and split() - Python Language

17-12-2020    132 times    Arnab De
   132 times    Arnab De  

Write a program to input a name from user, now convert the name into initial format. capitalize() methods and splid() method u ...

December, 2020

Diocletian Palace, Split, Croatia - Haunting Heritage

16-12-2020    104 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   104 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

The Diocletian Palace was built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian between 295 and 305 AD in the Roman province of Dalmatia near t ...

December, 2020

White House, Washington DC, USA - Leading Landmarks

15-12-2020    99 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   99 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

The White House, the home and the office of the President of the United States and his family, is a symbol of American democracy.

December, 2020
Tutorial at home
Private Teacher

Pauline Bonaparte of France - Royal Adultery

14-12-2020    83 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   83 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Popularly known as Pauline, Maria Paola Bonaparte, known for her impulsiveness, frivolity, and promiscuity, was the little sist ...

December, 2020

Sexual Life of Hitler - Tales from History

13-12-2020    153 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   153 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

The sexual life of Adolf Hitler, the man responsible for the deaths of more than 70 million people, has long been a subject of ...

December, 2020

Masjid-i Imam, Esfahan, Iran - Famous Mosques

12-12-2020    163 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   163 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

Located at the heart of the city of Isfahan the Imam Mosque or Masjid-i Imam is regarded as the most important display of Persi ...

December, 2020

Hippopotamus - Strange Animals

11-12-2020    124 times    Dibyendu Banerjee
   124 times    Dibyendu Banerjee  

The Hippopotamus is a large, mostly herbivorous often considered to be the second largest after the elephant and is comparable ...

December, 2020
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