What is Interrupt - Computer Fundamental
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What is Interrupt?

If User request for execute a process to the processor when it is busy with another process, then that request create a disturbance to the processor. This phenomenon is known as Interrupt. Interrupts can be generated by hardware, software, Some Error or exception and also by user. But CPU will handle all the Interrupts very carefully because when Interrupts are generated then the CPU must handle all the Interrupts Very carefully means the CPU will also Provide Response to the Various Interrupts those are generated. When an interrupt has Occurred then the CPU will handle by using the Fetch, decode and Execute Operations.

Types of Interrupts

Three types of Interrupts are possible

  1. Internal Interrupt: If any error or exception occurred in execution of any instruction or program then it create an interruption called internal interrupt. For Example, a user repeatedly trying to copy a file into a disk, which is not connected to the system or the disk was already full. These operations create an internal interrupt.
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  3. Software Interrupt: When Users are requesting to the processor for executing an instruction. But if the processor was busy for another process then a software interrupt occurred.
  4. External Interrupt: when any Input or Output Device request for any operation to the CPU will execute first then hardware interrupt or external interrupt will occur.
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