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Types of computers
What is the Definition of Computer ? - Computer Fundamentals
1742    Arnab De    21/07/2019

What is Computer?

Computer is nothing but an advance electronic device which can receive raw facts or data and deliver the information after processing the raw facts. It can also store the huge data and information for future use. We can retrieve that data or information as per our requirement. Computer can process numerical or arithmetical and logical calculation.

Computer has three functions:

  • Input (Data): Human can supply raw fact which has no real meaning. For example- Rohit, Boy, Good. These types of facts are known as data. The plural form of data is “datum”. Datum are generally supplied by user or databases.
  • Process: Here computer operates the data as per pre-instructions given by the programs. It generally formed an instruction by the inputted data. It is an internal process of computer system.
  • Output: In this process the computer shows or gives its outputs to the outer world in digital form, called soft copy or in physical form, called hard copy. We can save these results (soft copies) into different storage devices.

Computer System

Computers consists of two main parts

  1. Hardware: Physical part of the computer. It is tangible. i.e. we can touch these parts of computers.
  2. Software: Logical part of the computer. It is intangible.

Apart from these two main parts, there is another part of the total computer system, which is user or heartware, in other words the person who operates computer.


Types of computers
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