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What is the definition of Booting? - Computer Fundamentals
1840    Arnab De    25/07/2019

What is the definition of Booting?

A computer system starts with a “beep” sound. This sound is known as booting sound. Just after this sound all the required files of the operating system loaded into the primary memory (RAM) from the secondary memory. This process is called booting. A small program called boot strup loader holds all the required instructions for booting. This program stored in the BIOS (Basic Input Output System). This bootstrup loader program automatically called by BIOS just after successful POST system completion.


Types of Booting: There are two types of booting:

  1. Cold Booting: If the computer is in the off state and we boot the computer by pressing the power switch ‘ON’ from the CPU box then it is called as cold booting. Because here no files are present in the RAM, each and every required file should be transferred to RAM from HDD.
  2. Warm Booting: If the computer is in one state and we restart it by pressing the CTRL+ALT+DEL button or pressing the RESET button of the CPU box then it is called warm booting. Because here maximum files are already present in RAM only newly required files or corrupted files are needed to transfer from HDD to RAM.
Block Diagram of Computers Storage Devices
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