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Class I Levers - Machine and Levers
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Class I Levers

These types of levers, the fulcrum F is in between the effort E and the load L as shown in figure. Note that the fulcrum F need not be at the mid-point between the load L and the effort E. The load and effort is works in the same direction. In general the effort arm is greater than load arm.

In fig. AB is a class I leaver, F is fulcrum. Load L is hang from the point B. and an effort E apply from the point A. here AF is effort arm and BF is the load arm. Here,


Applied Effort x Effort Arm = Mass x Load Arm

E x AF = W x BF

M.A = W/E = AF / BF

Class I Levers
Example Of Class I Levers

Mechanical advantage of class I lever depends on the ratio of the length of effort arm and load arm.

  • If effort arm is longer than load arm then mechanical advantage is greater 1. And in this case we can get maximum output by applying minimum effort. Handle of tube well.
  • Tube Well
    Tube Well
  • If effort arm is smaller than load arm then mechanical advantage is less than 1. And in this case we can get minimum output by applying maximum effort. Eg seesaw
  • Sea Saw
    Sea Saw
  • If effort arm is equal to the load arm then mechanical advantage is exactly 1. And in this case we can get no mechanical advantage. e.g. Weight machine
  • Weight machine
    Weight machine
Levers Class II Levers
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