Gateway of Aryan Cottage - Romantic Ruins
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Gateway Aryan Cottage

Gateway of Aryan Cottage is a heritage structure that still stands at 52A and 52B Indian Mirror Street and can be seen from Dharmatala Street, near Taltala Avenue. On the top of the gateway stands the statue of a regal lion, which was mostly hidden by a signboard of the Bangiya Saha Samity, till recently. The gateway once belonged to a building named ‘Arya Kutir’, where Narendra Nath Sen, the famous editor of the Indian Mirror used to live. There is also a marble plaque at the entrance, dedicated to his memory, which was unveiled by Professor Hirendranath Mukhopadhyay on July 1, 2001.

Gateway Of Aryan Cottage
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The famous Brahmo leader Keshab Chandra Sen and his friend Manomohan Ghosh, a renowned barrister, started the Indian Mirror as a fortnightly in 1861, which subsequently became daily since 1870. From the beginning, Narendra Nath Sen (1843-1911) was a regular contributor in the paper. At the request of Keshab Sen, Protap Mozoomdar, also a Brahmo leader took the charge of the paper in 1867 and continued as editor till 1879. After he left, Narendra Sen returned and became its sole proprietor and editor. He introduced a special Sunday weekly section, which was edited by Babu Krishna Behary Sen. In his personal life, Narendra Nath Sen was a liberal Hindu, but he had a deep interest in other religions, particularly Buddhism. He was the founder of the Theosophical Society of Bengal.

Gateway Of Aryan Cottage

The building at 52A and 52B Indian Mirror Street, known as ‘Arya Kutir’ (Aryan Cottage), where Narendra Nath used to live, has been razed to the ground, except its arched gateway. The historic property was bought by Bangiya Saha Samity in 1951 and established a students’ hostel. The building is locally known as the ‘Baghwala Bari’, probably due to the presence of the statue of the regal lion on the top of the old gateway.

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The gate has since been declared a Grade I Heritage structure by Kolkata Municipal Corporation.

Gateway Of Aryan Cottage
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