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World Top Languages as per no of speaker - Little Surprise
1980    Arnab De    20/05/2017

World Top Languages

World Top Languages based on the the world’s most widely used Language. There are over 6 billion people in the world speaking over 9000 language and dialects(It is a special form of a language that people used in a particular part of a country. It contain some different words and grammar). More than 1 billion person speak in the Chinese language. Mandarin dialect of china is the world’s most widely used. More than 885 million people speak this dialect.


After Mandarin, English termed as an international language, is the next most widely spoken language in the world used by about one-third of the population. Top 20 Language speaker estimates for world’s top 20 languages in 2000(given in millions). The estimates are based on the number of mother tongue(first-language) speakers and do not include second-language totals, which in many cases considerably higher.



  1. Mandarine Chinese(885)
  2. English(400)
  3. Spanish(332)
  4. Hindi(180)(with Urdu,236)
  5. Arabic(232)
  6. Portuguese(220)
  7. Bengali(203)
  8. Russian(170)
  9. Japanese(125)
  10. German(100)
  11. Wu Chinese(91)
  12. Javanese(75)
  13. Korean(75)
  14. punjabi(73)
  15. Telugu(73)
  16. French(72)
  17. Marathi(65)
  18. Tamil(65)
  19. Italian(57)
  20. Yu Chinese(coxtony)
Evolution Of Letter T
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