Create a Circular Singly linked list
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Create Circular Singly linked list

Create a Circular Singly linked list

We have already create linear singly linked list in my previous post. Now I going to create a circular singly linked list. Now the question is that why it is circular or what are difference between linear linked list and circular linked list. In linear linked list last node is connected to the NULL pointer but in case of circular linked list last node of the list is connected to the first node of the list.

circular singly linked list


Step 1 : Create a new node.

Step 2 : Read the data for the node.

Step 3 : Set the data in the data part of the node.

Step 4 : Set the reference part of the node to itself.

Step 5 : Return the created node reference to the main program.

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#include <stdio.h>
#include <conio.h>
struct linklist
	int i;
	struct linklist *next;
typedef struct linklist node;

//prototype declaration
node *create(node *);
node *head;
int main()
	int c,i,pos;
		printf("\n1. Create a list\n");
			case 1:
     return 0;

node *create(node *l)
		l=(node *)malloc(sizeof(node));
		printf("Enter a data : ");
	return l;
Tutorial at home
Tutorial at home
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