Voucher in Tally
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tally vouchers

Voucher in tally

Voucher is the most powerful tools in accounts. It is the written proof of every transaction. Without the proper voucher, no transaction will be approved by the responsible authority. In Tally, the user should enter this vouchers carefully. Because tally calculates all other reports depending on this vouchers. In this document, accountant must be specifying the following points –

  1. Voucher No.
  2. Date of transaction.
  3. Debited account or accounts.
  4. Credited account or accounts.
  5. Transaction Amount.

Generally, vouchers are two types –

  1. Debit Voucher.
  2. Credit Voucher.
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But in tally, this vouchers are boldly divided by following types –

Contra Voucher (F4):

Contra voucher is used for cash transaction form

  1. Cash to Petty cash
  2. Cash to Bank
  3. Bank to Bank
  4. Bank to Cash

And so on ….

Generally, any transaction between the current assets A/c likes cash, bank, petty cash etc. (except sundry debtors). By these transactions are not changes the total current asset of the company.


Payment Voucher (F5):

Business can pay any money through cash or cheque through this type of vouchers. Payment like pay to

  • sundry creditors
  • indirect expenses ( salary, Electric Bill, Telephone Bill, Rent etc)
  • Direct expenses (wages)

Receive Voucher (F6):

Business can receive any money through cash or cheque through this type of vouchers. Receive like, receive from

  • sundry debtor
  • interest on investment

Journal Voucher (F7):

Journal vouchers are generally used for adjustment any wrong entry. But it may use for some another purpose also, like purchase fixed asset on credit. In general cash or banks are not allowed in journal voucher, but in the tally, it may possible by changing some settings.

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Sale Voucher (F8):

We can sale any trading products or services through this type of vouchers.

Sale Sale

Purchase Voucher (F9):

We can purchase any trading products or services (for sale, not for use) through this type of vouchers.


Some other special types of vouchares are also available in Tally, which will discuss below.

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