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1856    Arnab De    19/05/2017

Download A Facebook Video

Lot of important videos are shared in our facebook profile or page but we cannot not store in our computer. But we can do it by following some simple steps to download facebook video.

Steps to download facebook video

First open your facebook profile. Select the video which you want to download and play it. After than right click on the video and click on “Show Video URL”. Now copy the video URL and paste it in the address bar of a new browser tab.


Now replace the “www” with “m” and press enter. The same video will open again. Now right click on the video and select “Save As Video”. A Save as dialog box will appear. Now we can rename the file (if required), select the destination and save it.


By default, a .mp4 file will download. Now enjoy the video from your disk.

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Share Big File Through GMail using Google Drive
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