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Definition Related Lens
Physics Light
Some Definition Related to a Lens - Physics

18-02-2020    226 times    Arnab De  

Some definition related to a lens. Centre of curvature - A lens has two surfaces. Those two surfaces of the lens are the part of two different spheres.

Speed Light Reflective Index
Physics Light
Speed of Light and Reflective Index - Physics

13-02-2020    320 times    Arnab De  

The speed of light in vacuum or air is the maximum. The speed of light In any other transparent media is slower than the speed of light.

Refraction Critical Angle Total Internal Reflection
Physics Light
Refraction - Critical Angle , Total Internal Reflection

27-01-2020    256 times    Arnab De  

When a light ray refracted from a denser medium to lighter medium, then the incidence angle of a denser medium reaches a certain critical value. This angle known as critical angle.

Refraction light Physics
Physics Light
Refraction of light - Physics

18-01-2020    607 times    Arnab De  

When a light ray passes through two different medium, then the direction light change on the surface of the 2nd medium. This phenomenon is known refraction of light.

Light Beam Lenses
Physics Light
Light Beam and Lenses - physics Light

11-01-2020    276 times    Arnab De  

The straight line between two points in a light medium is known as a light ray. Surround by two opposite surfaces, both curved piece of transparent medium is known as a lens.

Reflection Light Physics
Physics Light
Reflection Of Light - Physics

06-01-2020    291 times    Arnab De  

If a light ray or reflect from a homogeneous medium to another homogeneous medium,This phenomenon is known as a reflection of the light.

Source Medium Light Physics
Physics Light
Source of light and medium of light - Physics

03-01-2020    909 times    Arnab De  

Light is an energy which main source is sun. The light source be a point or an area. The Travelling medium of light may be the air or any transparent substance.

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