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C Language
Prime no from 1 - 100 - MCA WBUT MAKAUT

12-05-2020    222 times    Arnab De  

If a number has only two factors, 1 & itself, then that number known as Prime Number. In others words, we can say that, a prime no cannot be divided by any numbers between 2 and [that number -1].

auto static variables Sort character factorial
C Language
auto and static variables, Sort the character, factorial of a Number

20-04-2020    241 times    Arnab De  

Distinguish between Automatic and Static variables. Write two C programs that calculate factorial of a number using recursion and iteration?

Function File Handling  Spiting File WBUT MAKAUT MCA
C Language
Different function for File Handling and spiting a text file - WBUT MAKAUT MCA 2012

12-04-2020    209 times    Arnab De  

Open a file pointer in write mode (numbers.txt). Closed the said file pointer. Open the same file again but in read mode. Open another two file in write mode

Reverse digits integer WBUT MAKAUT MCA
C Language
Reverse the digits of an integer - WBUT MAKAUT MCA 2012

11-04-2020    240 times    Arnab De  

If we divide a integer number by 10. Then the reminder will be the last digit of the number and result will be the remaining digit.

C Language
C function to reverse a string and find the smallest divisor of an integer - WBUT MAKAUT MCA 2012

10-04-2020    237 times    Arnab De  

We can reverse a string in two different ways- (i) Using another string (ii) without using second string. As per question here no need to write the main() function.

Differentiate do-while while WBUT MCA
C Language
Differentiate between do-while and while statements WBUT MCA 2012

09-04-2020    239 times    Arnab De  

do-while and while both are loop or iteration in c language, But they are differently way of execute the loop. One is entry loop another is known as exit loop.

c Programming binary pyramid WBUT MCA 2012
C Language
Write a c Programming to create a binary pyramid. - WBUT MCA 2012

08-04-2020    239 times    Arnab De  

First analysis the pattern, each and every line start with 1. After printting each time value is inverse. Print [Total No. of row - current no of row] space.

sum individual digits MAKAUT WBUT MCA
C Language
Sum of its Individual Digits Repeatedly - MAKAUT / WBUT MCA 2011

18-12-2019    306 times    Arnab De  

Write a program to accept a number and find sum of its individual digits repeatedly till the result is a single digit. [MAKAUT / WBUT MCA 2011]

binary searching C WBUT MCA 2011
C Language
Binary Searching using C - WBUT MCA 2011

16-12-2019    345 times    Arnab De  

For binary search, we have to take an array which is sorted in asending order. If given array is not sorted, then we have to sort it by any sorting technique.

enumerated C Language WBUT MCA
C Language
enumerated data type in C Language - WBUT MCA 2011

10-12-2019    470 times    Arnab De  

Enumeration (enum) is a ADT (Abstruct Data Type) or user defined data type in C. Enumeration is assign names (String) to its corresponding integral constants.

Dynamic Memory Allocation malloc calloc WBUT MCA
C Language
Dynamic Memory Allocation malloc vs calloc - WBUT MCA 2011

25-11-2019    280 times    Arnab De  

To save memory space C language uses some procedure to allocate memory at run time. This type of memory allocation is known as Dynamic Memory Allocation.

Sum Individual Digit Single WBUT MCA
C Language
Sum of its Individual Digit Until Single Digits - WBUT MCA 2011

18-11-2019    256 times    Arnab De  

Write a C program to accept a number and find sum of its individual digits repeatedly till the result is a single digit. [WBUT MCA 2011]

C Language
Find GCD and LCM of two positive integer - WBUT MCA Slove

16-11-2019    304 times    Arnab De  

The GCD of two no is the largest positive no by which all the no are divisible. The LCM of two no is the smallest positive no that is divisible by the given no.

Difference Structure Class WBUT MCA
C Language
Difference between Structure and Class - WBUT MCA Slove

15-11-2019    285 times    Arnab De  

Structure and class are user defined data type or Abstract Data Type. To declare a class and a structure we use the keyword class and struct respectively.

convert binary decimal WBUT MCA
C Language
convert a binary numbers to equivalent decimal number in C Language - WBUT MCA 2011

14-11-2019    341 times    Arnab De  

Write a c program to convert a binary numbers to equivalent decimal number. [WBUT MCA 2011]. base 2 number system convert into base 10 number system.

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