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printer computer fundamentals
Computer Fundamentals
printer and types of printer - computer fundamentals

09-11-2019    97 times    Arnab De  

A printer is an output device. It prints characters, symbols, and perhaps graphics on media, generally on paper, plastic, cloths etc.

Direct Memory Access
Computer Fundamentals
Direct Memory Access - Computer Fundamentals

06-11-2019    105 times    Arnab De  

The method of transferring data from RAM or primary memory to another memory of a computer, especially in secondary memory, without informing the CPU

Characteristic computer
Computer Fundamentals
Characteristics of a computer - Computer Fundamental

03-11-2019    95 times    Arnab De  

Basic characteristics about computer are: 1. Speed: 2. Accuracy: 3. Diligence: 4. Versatility 5. Power of Remembering 6. No IQ 7. No Feeling 8. Storage

Computer Fundamentals
What is Interrupt - Computer Fundamental

31-10-2019    74 times    Arnab De  

If user request for execute a process to the processor when it is busy, then it create a disturbance to the processor. This phenomenon is known as Interrupt.

POST Computer Fundamentals
Computer Fundamentals
What is POST? - Computer Fundamentals

14-08-2019    137 times    Arnab De  

The full form of POST is Power On Self Test. This test starts just after the switch on your computer. A predefine amount of power supply to the all parts or devices.

Computer Software
Computer Fundamentals
What is Computer Software?

07-08-2019    167 times    Arnab De  

Software is a set of instruction, which are performing a specific goal. This set of instruction supply to the computer as a software. Software is the intangible part of the computer.

Storage Devices
Computer Fundamentals
Storage Devices - Computer Fundamental

04-08-2019    271 times    Arnab De  

Storage devices are divided into two types 1) Primary Memory 2) Secondary Memory. These types of memories are volatile memory.

Computer Fundamentals
What is the definition of Booting?

25-07-2019    199 times    Arnab De  

The process of loading files into the primary memory from the HDD after POST is called booting. A computer system starts with a beep sound or booting sound.

Block Diagram Computers
Computer Fundamentals
Block Diagram of Computers

24-07-2019    223 times    Arnab De  

Neue von Architecture or block diagram of computer system design on 1945. It has three parts 1)Input device 2)Central Processing Unit 3)Output Device

Types computers
Computer Fundamentals
Types of computers

22-07-2019    234 times    Arnab De  

Different types of computers are their. Analog, Digital, Hybrid, Super computer, Mainframe, mini computer, macro computer, Desktop, laptop, Palmtop, workstation

Computer Definition
Computer Fundamentals
What is the Definition of Computer ?

21-07-2019    172 times    Arnab De  

Computer is nothing but an advance electronic device which can receive raw facts or data and deliver the information after processing the raw facts.

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