Programme to Compute Telegram Charge
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Compute Telegram Charge

Programme to Compute Telegram Charge.

Write a programme to compute the telegram charges as follows:
Words Charges
Up to 15 words                      Rs.5/-
More than 15 words              Rs.1/word
Accept a string as telegram message and the character ('n' for normal and 'e' for express) to calculate the telegram charge.

import java.util.*;
public class Telegram
    public static void main(String []args)
        Scanner sc=new Scanner(;
        System.out.print("Enter A String : ");
        String str=sc.nextLine();
        String []words=str.split(" ");
        int len=words.length;
        double amt=5.0;
            amt += (len-15);
        System.out.print(" Total Charge : " + amt);
Private Teacher

Enter A String : On the Insert tab, the galleries include items that are designed.
Total Charge : 5.0
Enter A String :  On the Insert tab, the galleries include items that are designed to coordinate with the overall look of your document.
Total Charge : 20.0

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