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Parts of speech
The importance and scope of English Grammar - English Grammer
9305    Dibyendu Banerjee    30/12/2017

The importance and scope of Grammar

Grammar is the system of a language, not the rules of a language. People, all over the world, speak their own, native language without knowing anything about its grammar. Children start to speak before they have any idea about the word "grammar". But grammar is necessary for the learning of a foreign language seriously. It can help to learn a language more quickly and more efficiently. In fact, grammar is the systematic study, structure and description of a language. It is the study of classes or types of words, their transformations, functions and relations in a sentence.

Basically, grammar deals with the structure of a sentence, which include Parts of Speech, Subjects and Predicates, Voices and Moods, Phrases, Clauses and Punctuations, Figures of Speech, Rhetoric and Prosody. We shall discuss about them one by one in the next few lessons.

Parts of speech
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